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**Affiliated College:- Colleges that are affiliated with any university. (Any Regular college)
**Standalone Institute:- Institutes which are not dependent on any university. (Teacher Training, Nursing etc)
**University:-Univeristies that provide courses without any colleges. (Same as Regular Courses without any colleges.)

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UGC Regulations

  I confirm that I have read UGC's regulations on Ragging.(To read, click on the link ABSTRACT OF UGC REGULATIONS ON RAGGING)
  I confirm that I have read the Judgment of the Hon. Supreme Court on prevention of Ragging.(To read, click on the link SUMMARY OF THE JUDGMENT OF THE HON. SUPREME COURT )
  I promise that I will not indulge in Ragging or any form of violent behaviour. Neither will I tolerate being ragged or subjected to violence.
  I understand that if I am accused of Ragging, the responsibility is on me to prove that I am not guilty.
  I will not remain a spectator to acts of Ragging. I will report the matter immediately to my Principal/Director and/or to the Anti Ragging Help line at 1800 180 5522 or email to

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Please answer these questions truthfully and honestly because this survey is totally Confidential, So no part of this survey is going to show anything to your college. Your college will only know that you have participated in this survey

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    I have rechecked the form and confirm that all the details are correct.



  • Establishing the National 24x7 Anti-Ragging Helpline
  • Software development (IT) for the operation of the National Anti-Ragging Helpline
  • Development and updating the Anti-Ragging Website and monitoring agency website
  • Building an online reporting mechanism for UGC, Councils, Universities and Colleges
  • Conducting trainings of Helpline Executives
  • Supervising the performance of the Helpline and Executives
  • Ensuring efficiency and ease of operations for the National Helpline, UGC, Colleges, Universities, and the Students
  • Creating awareness to demote Ragging in Universities and Colleges across India
  • Monitoring of the databases maintained by UGC


  • Zero Tolerance Policy on Ragging in India
  • Ragging Free Campuses in all Higher Education Institutions
  • Transparent Complaint Process