Centre for Youth is a self-sustaining and not-for-profit organisation working for the welfare of the rural and urban youth. C4Y facilitate the participation and civic engagement of youth at all levels of governance by providing them sustainable avenues and the right platforms to further their growth and encouraging their participation for social and financial inclusion.

Journey So Far…

Since its inception in 2014, C4Y has conducted several innovative programmes, seeking to further its thematic focus. C4Y has been implementing Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) programmes. The organisation has undertaken several outreach, awareness and behavioural change communication programmes pan India. C4Y also has been working on research, evaluation and documentation of the projects.

Vision & Goals

C4Y will work to make youth self-reliant and gainfully employable to enable them to secure adequate financial flows for accessing and sustaining basic services, improving quality of life, and nurturing a skilled, healthy, and inspired workforce which will create a sustainable and self-reliant future for themselves and our splendid nation.

We work towards

C4Y is working towards providing a level playing field to youth and enhance the strength and quality of India’s human resources, while ameliorating lifestyles for the segment in focus. C4Y is energizing its efforts and striving to:

  • Creating a skilled and productive workforce to contribute to India’s economic development.
  • Laying greater stress on training and nurturing entrepreneurship within the selected region to stem migration.
  • Creating an attractive blend of traditional and contemporary knowledge and skills using ICT and IT, media, communication tools, to draw more youth towards such avenues and also involve the community.
  • Developing a mentally and physically healthy generation by working on gender sensitisation and empowerment programme, a progressive environment, good health, and sporting activities.
  • Providing equal access to high quality education, health care facilities, and social justice especially to disadvantaged groups and communities.
  • Encouraging participation of youth from all segments responsible citizenship in the country.

Our Team

Dr. Alka Tomar

Dr. Sudha Nautiyal

Sanjay Negi